Recharge With A Worry-Free And Safe Weekend Escape To Northern Baja!

Safety Is Priority -> Captain Manny V takes his job seriously when it comes to ensuring your safety. He's been traveling the world his entire life and has put his heart and soul into these trips. You get to take advantage of his 35 years of Baja experience, 20 years of surf tour guiding, 10 years of Baja Weekender experience and the best part... you get to experience the Aloha family vibe with his solid community of friends in this area.

Your amazing home for the weekend is located right at one of the most favorite surf spots... Secret Spot R. This surf break has a hint of San Onofre with a touch of San Elijo. Best part... we can walk to the break from our home for the weekend! Read on for more epicness.

Location: Northern Baja
Accommodations: Safe, Secure, and Steps To The Surf
Duration: Meet 1pm Friday In Imperial Beach. Return midday Sunday (View individual trips for date-specific details. Links below.)
Wave Riding Vehicle: All
Group Size: Up To 6 (After four sign-ups, rooms will be shared) *Minimum 3 Persons

If you have your own group or want your own private Baja Weekender, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*Don't see the dates you want? Please contact Manny V and let's see if we can make it happen.

After 20 years of operating surf tours, you should know that Epic Surf Tours warrants and agrees to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants during the tour. We want you to have the best experience possible. That's the goal. Okay... let's keep going.

The Price Covers All The Essentials:
-Baja Experienced Bilingual Surf Guide/Instructor
-Ground Transportation (Fully Mexico Insured Vehicle - Chevrolet Suburban)
-Accommodations (Four bedroom home On The Bluff)
-Authentic Baja Tacos Dinner (Friday)
-Light Breakfast - Water, Juice, Breakfast Burritos, Fruit, Coffee, Snacks (Saturday/Sunday)
-Lunch At One Of Many Of Manny's Favorite Spots (Saturday)
-Lobster Dinner At The Infamous Puerto Nuevo Village (Saturday)
-Authentic Mexican-Style Brunch (Sunday)
-Water While On “Surf Patrol” - Bring Your Own Water Bottle To Be Filled
-All Photos (web-sized), All Drone Footage, And All HD Video Clips
-Option To Buy Discounted Merchandise From MannyVPhoto.com
-All Tips Included At Restaurants
-Photographer/Tour Guide Tip Not Expected But Humbly Accepted

This is it. Your bilingual surf guide/instructor in Northern Baja is ready to show you how awesome surfing in Baja can be. Manny V has been hitting the waves in Baja since the '80s. You'll be led to empty line-ups that are perfect for learning or improving your surfing skills. He'll take you to the best local food spots which will include a delicious lobster dinner on Saturday night. Plus, Manny V's decades of surf photography skills will document your entire getaway. All the photos, all the epic drone footage and all HD videos will be yours at no additional cost! 

Here’s a sample of a two and a half day surf strike itinerary:

Your two-night Baja Weekender trip begins when the group meets in Imperial Beach at 1pm on Friday. Our goal is to arrive at our surf house just in time to get in a sunset surf (conditions permitting, of course). Before crossing into Mexico, we stop to get our tourist cards at the immigration office right at the border. Then, we continue southbound. Once we get to our home for the weekend, I'll go over some house items and what's in store for the weekend. After rooms have been divided up, we suit and surf or chill and take in the sunset!

After frothing from a solid surf or feeling relaxed after a chill session, we'll freshen up and head up the road to one of Manny's favorite taco spots. You'll feast on tasty carne asada or adobada tacos, tortas or quesadillas. Gluten-free/vegetarian options include avocado tacos and quesadillas.

At some point, we will make a food run to the local grocery store.

If we surfed this afternoon, we'll have a slideshow from the session before calling it a night.

Dawn patrol. Coffee will be ready before the first person wakes up. Light snacks and bananas will be available for those who like to eat before surfing. Manny knows that not everyone is an early riser. That's the beauty of staying just steps from the surf break. You surf when you want. Once everyone has had their fair share of fun, Manny V will have breakfast ready. You'll have a few hours to chill or surf again. Then, we'll head for lunch to one of Manny's favorite lunch spots! If time permits we'll head to K-38 Surf Shop to pick up some surf souvenirs. 

After lunch, we'll check the conditions and get back out there if it's good. Each session will end with a slide show of the photos and videos taken of your surf. At sunset, we'll get ready and head out for a delicious lobster dinner at the cool village of Puerto Nuevo. If you still have energy after dinner, we'll watch your photos and video clips, and go over tips to improve your surfing.

You'll wake up to hot coffee/tea and check the surf. This will be our last surf session on the trip. We will have a light breakfast to hold us over 'til lunch. Once the car is loaded up and the house is clean, we're off to grab some tamales or tacos before we hit the road back home.

Manny has a system in place to get you across the border in less than an hour. Of course, things may come up but it's been pretty consistent for crossing under an hour. To make this happen, we have to pack up and leave at 10am. Our goal is to be across the border by 1pm-2pm.


My ultimate goal with all my trips is to ensure a safe fun weekend. Please, by all means, email or call me back with any and all questions. I'm here for ya. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 619-788-2456.

Escape for a bit... Come #doEPICshit

Trip Date Available Registered Cost BOOK
Baja Weekender - June 21 - 23 06-21-2024 - 06-23-2024 2 4 $649.00
Baja Weekender - July 19 - 21 07-19-2024 - 07-21-2024 1 5 $599.00
Baja Weekender - July 26 - 28 07-26-2024 - 07-28-2024 0 6 $599.00
Baja Weekender - September 27 - 29 09-27-2024 - 09-29-2024 5 1 $599.00
Baja Weekender - October 18 - 20 10-18-2024 - 10-20-2024 6 0 $599.00
Baja Weekender - October 25 - 27 10-25-2024 - 10-27-2024 6 0 $599.00
Baja Weekender - November 8 - 10 11-08-2024 - 11-10-2024 6 0 $599.00
Baja Weekender - December 6 - 8 12-06-2024 - 12-08-2024 6 0 $599.00


This is your hassle-free super action-packed weekend in Northern Baja. Manny V will take you to the empty surf spots and ensure that you fill your belly with delicious Mexican grub. Best part about it is that you walk away with tons of photos and videos.