One full day of non-stop action in Northern Baja. If all you've got is one day off, then this is the R&R&R you need... Rip & Refuel & Repeat.

Pricing ::: Bring A Crew, Bring Down The Price!

1 surfer = $450 private surf trip
2 surfers = $325 each
3 surfers = $300 each
4 surfers - $275 each
5 surfers = $250 each
6 surfers = $225 each

Location: Northern Baja
Duration: 1 Full Day - Approximately 10 Hours
Wave Riding Vehicle: All
Skill Level: Novice - Pro
Group Size: 1 - 6 Wave Riders
*Epic Surf Tours reserves the right to add more surfers to a trip that did not hit the 6 people maximum.
**4% transaction fee will apply.
***Booking Available Up To 5pm The Previous Day

*Single Day Surf Strike trips need to be booked more than 24 hours from the departure date.

Empty waves, delicious food and forget about the stress of driving in Baja... that's what the Baja Single Day Surf Strike is all about. Manny V will be your bilingual surf guide/instructor while on the search in Northern Baja. He's been hitting the surf down south since the 1980's. All his local knowledge and secret tips are dialed in for your escape south of the border. Plus, Manny V's decades of surf photography skills will document your epic getaway. All the photos, drone footage, and videos will be yours at no additional cost! 

Your trip begins when the group meets in Imperial Beach 45 minutes before sunrise in Imperial Beach. Once we get on the other side of the border, you'll ride the beach and reef breaks anywhere between Rosarito Beach to the north and K-58 to the south. The spots we surf are usually wide open. Yes, EMPTY. Manny V will use his years of experience to find the best lonely breaks for the day's conditions. There will be times when we'll have to surf with others but the ultimate goal is to find our own breaks.

The Price Of Your Trip Covers All The Essentials:
-Baja Experienced Bilingual Surf Guide/Instructor
-Ground Transportation (Fully Mexico Insured Vehicle - Chevrolet Suburban)
-Light Breakfast (Water, Breakfast Burritos, Coffee, Snacks)
-Delicious Lunch
-Amazing Lobster Dinner At The Infamous Puerto Nuevo Village
-End Of Trip Awards
-Filtered Water While On “Surf Patrol” - Bring Your Own Water Bottle
-All High-Resolution Photos And HD Video Clips
-All Tips Included At Restaurants
-Tour Guide Tip Not Expected But Humbly Accepted

More Logistics For Your Baja Single Surf Strike:
-Meet Up: We meet up 45 minutes before sunrise in Imperial Beach. After loading up boards, we're about 15 minutes from the border and 40 minutes to surf.
-The Day: We spend all day in search of waves, relaxing and eating delicious food.
-Boards: Each person can bring up to two boards. All surfboards must have fins off boards.
-Car Safety: Unless we pay a parking attendant to watch our car, Manny V will remain with the Baja Mobile the entire time.
-Return To The US: After we have our lobster dinner, we head back to our meeting point in Imperial Beach. Depending on the border wait and/or if anyone in our group has a Sentri pass, the wait can be from 5 minutes up to 5 hours. Manny V will break this down in detail once you book your trip.
With a limited amount of sunlight, the goal is to surf your brains out. We'll find those spots with the best conditions and surf as long as possible. Eat. Then, you do it again. Of course, I'll throw in a few surprises that may include cool sights, yummy local delights, and more.

Of course we'll be chatting about everyone's waves but at the end of the day, it's all about the food :)

Please, by all means, email or call me back with any and all questions. I'm here for ya: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 619-788-2456.

Now, hit up Manny V with any questions or simply lock in your spot then get ready to slide into the empty line-ups of Baja and recharge on life!



$ 450.00 10 hours
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