Offering surf, yoga and reiki, infused with of love and laughter.


    The ultimate weekend getaway. Safe, empty surf, delicious food... Epic.


    ...Surfing fundamentals PLUS ocean knowledge to improve your skills and confidence


    The ultimate Baja surfing experience. We drive the empty dirt roads that lead to perfection.


    The most epic surfing experience you can have in San Diego. Respect. Ride. Enjoy.


    Full-on adventure in the land of warm water lefts!



    After doing a few Private Video Surf Coaching sessions, I come to realize one hour isn't enough. I've decided to make these sessions two hours and 30 minutes. I think you'll agree this is much better.

    You are in control. You will be able to see first-hand what you're doing right and tweak the things that need adjustment. Like the rest of the surf coaches in the world, we can only offer so much advice to help you improve your surfing. It's truly up to you to make that progression possible. With your video clips and my instructions, your path to progression will be set and your learning curve will be cut in half!

    I have been surfing for several years. I would like to improve my practice and so the video surf coaching looks like the best way to achieve my goal. Manny is the surf instructor/guide of the Baja Weekend. He did such a great job in Baja that when he told me he was offering video surf coaching, I immediately wanted to sign up! Manny will professionally record your session, will go over it with you right after and give you valuable advice. I like the combo videos + pictures because it allows to catch every single detail. Manny also provides a personal booklet where I can write his comments and follow my practice evolution. Over time, I truly believe those sessions are going to revolutionize my surf practice! - Julie M. - San Diego Surfer

    At your first Video Surf Coaching session, we'll go through your exclusive Video Surf Coach workbook starting with Surf Theory. After our quick overview on what makes surfing amazing, you'll hit the water for one full hour. I'll be on the beach videotaping and taking photos of each of your waves. Then, after you change out of your wetsuit, we pop open the laptop and go over each one of your waves. This immediate interaction is crucial to discuss your surfing. Now with the Covid-19 protocols, we'll be wearing masks and keep our distance as much as possible. We'll both go over the great skills you already have and point out the things where you can improve. You'll jot down those notes in your workbook for later reference. You'll also get all the photos and videos via a private gallery that will be available the same day! On top of that, you'll get the recorded overview with all the audio notes as well. Wait are you waiting for? Get better at surfing quicker so you can get more waves!

    Overview - 2 Hour 30 Minutes
    -10 Minutes Surf Theory / 2 Hours Surfing / 20 Minutes Review
    -1 Surfer Max (for more precise coaching)
    -High-Resolution Photos Included (password to private gallery)
    -HD Video Clips Included (password to private gallery)

    $200 Private 1to1 Video Surf Coaching Per Session
    $100 Additional Sessions (each session must be completed within one month from the previous session)

    If you're a San Diego Surf Ladies Premium Member, check out the hook up you'll get:

    SDSL Discounted Video Surf Coaching (2 Hour 30 Minutes)
    -10 Minutes Surf Theory / 2 Hours Surfing / 20 Minutes Review
    -1 Surfer Max (for more precise coaching)
    -3 Waves Edited With Audio/Graphical Instructions/Critiques
    -High-Resolution Photos Included (password to private gallery)
    -HD Video Clips Included (password to private gallery)

    $200 $150 Private 1to1 Video Surf Coaching Per Session
    Contact Manny V and book  for your discount today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Surf. Watch. Learn. With Manny V on the beach documenting your every move then discussing how to improve after watching your waves on video... this is the quickest way to get to that next level of your surfing.



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